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About Chris

Chris Peters has been involved in hockey since he first put on skates at 5 years old. For the last 15 years, Peters has made his favorite sport his career, starting as a videographer for the Iowa State hockey team, working in communications for USA Hockey, founding the United States of Hockey blog and later as a national staff writer for CBS Sports and ESPN.

Peters has become a go-to source for reporting and analysis on hockey at all levels with a particular specialty in NHL draft prospects, men’s college hockey and international hockey.

Born and raised in Chicago, Peters now resides in Iowa with his wife Ashlie, two children and dog Rooney.

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Comprehensive coverage of hockey at all levels with a special focus on the NHL Draft, NHL prospects, college and international hockey with former ESPN analyst Chris Peters.


Chris Peters is a writer who specializes in the NHL Draft, prospects, college and international hockey. He previously wrote for ESPN and CBS Sports.