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Talking Hockey Sense Ep. 30: Previewing Canada's World Junior Camp roster; Answering your WJC questions

Talking Hockey Sense Ep. 30: Previewing Canada's World Junior Camp roster; Answering your WJC questions

We’re 30 episodes into the podcast and this week I’ve got another Q&A episode filled with outstanding and thought-provoking questions from listeners.

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This week and most of the rest of the podcasts for the next few weeks will be heavy on the World Juniors. Today’s episode starts with a long look at Canada’s World Junior camp roster. I’ve got a full Team Canada camp preview coming soon as well as things kick off in Calgary for them on Dec. 9. I did offer a few thoughts on the Brandt Clarke snub and what we can tell about Canada’s final roster from the way they built their camp.

After the Team Canada talk, I opened it up to listener questions and I got some great ones, mostly about the World Juniors but there are a couple of really interesting ones about college hockey that I save until the end. Here’s a look at the questions I answered on this week’s episode:

  • Will Canada send their World Jr. Team to the Olympics if the NHL decides against attending? If so, how much will they win by?

  • Which NHL fanbase should expect to have the best time watching WJC?

  • With Byfield returning to the Kings AHL team, do you think they send him to the World Juniors as a confidence booster?

  • Dalibor Dvorsky, how good can he become? I know comparables are hard and hopeless, but give me one anyways.

  • Who is the better player today? Bedard or Michkov

  • What are the odds of ESPN ever getting the World Juniors?

  • Which of the Wild's defense prospects will make Team Canada and what role might they have? Also, Peart for USA next year?

  • Whar are the long and short term impacts of NIL $ for NCAA? Do you see CHL players eventually being able to play NCAA?

  • You come into a large fortune and suddenly have the ability to fully fund new mens and women’s hockey program at any five colleges which don’t currently have them. Which ones do you choose?

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with questions this week! I’ll have a full World Junior preview episode coming out in a few weeks and there will be plenty more to talk about between now and Boxing Day.

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