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Talking Hockey Sense Episode 24: Player development, tanking and NHL Draft Q&A

Talking Hockey Sense Episode 24: Player development, tanking and NHL Draft Q&A

Plus: Questions on Michigan hockey, player paths to the NHL and much more

It’s another Q&A episode of Talking Hockey Sense as listeners chime in on a variety of topics. I got some really great questions that allowed me to dive in on some of my favorite topics including player development paths, college hockey, the NHL Draft and the propensity of tanking over the next few years.

I also addressed the move to and all of the other places I will be providing work aside from Hockey Sense. It might give you a better idea of what to expect (SPOILER ALERT: MORE CONTENT! Across multiple platforms!).

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Among the questions answered today:

  • Can you rank the best leagues in the world for developing NHL players? Also, your favorite junior/college programs, re: development practices? Who’s forward-thinking or simply has a strong grasp on how to produce everyday NHLers?

  • Can you discuss the pros and cons of the various development pathways?

  • What changed at Michigan that led to so many high profile prospects choosing to go there? Does the abundance of talent make it more difficult to objectively assess how ready those players are to take the next step?

  • As stacked as the top of 2022 is looking, could this be the season we see the return of an all-out-tanking race between Arizona and Buffalo?

  • There have been more than a few players who are playing an extra year in the USHL after their draft year before heading to college even before seeing covid grad players -- what do you think of that path and any insights from NHL sources on it?

  • Deutschland has produced some exciting young talent recently - outlier or is Germany's program on the rise?

  • With handful of 'A' listed guys and a number of 'B' listed talent in Central Scouting's grades, should we be talking more about the 2004 crop at the US NTDP?

  • What do you think of Theo Rochettes hot start in QMJHL? Do you think he has the chance to make team Canada (or Switzerland) to the World Juniors?

  • Plus: Best food cities on the road, what type of cheese do you like on a cheesesteak and Olive Garden sauce etiquette.

It was a lot of fun to answer these questions with a lot of detail, sometimes possibly too much. Thanks to my listeners for the continued support.

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