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Talking Hockey Sense Episode 33: The Cancellation of the World Junior Championship

Talking Hockey Sense Episode 33: The Cancellation of the World Junior Championship

Chris answers your burning questions about what happened, why and what's next

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The stunning conclusion of the 2022 World Junior Championship is still hard to fathom even 48 hours later. How quickly things deteriorated and how abrupt everything seemed in the moment has taken some time to digest. In the end, the decision that was made was the only one that was prudent given the facts at the time.

However, as you’ve undoubtedly seen in the days since, players and coaches have voiced their frustration in very real ways, sharing their own opinions of what happened and why the WJC ended up failing.

I wrote a column about my own opinions on everything, which subscribers to Hockey Sense with Chris Peters can read here. But I also wanted to record a podcast to address the many, many questions that listeners and readers had about why things got to the point they did, to better understand who — if anyone — was to blame for the outcome and to fully understand what just happened.

I also addressed the hopes that there will be a re-scheduled World Juniors, my thoughts on IIHF leadership, what this might mean for other tournaments and the future of coronavirus vs. sport.

I got a ton of great questions from listeners that helped guide this podcast, so check below to see if these were some of the things that were on your mind.

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  • What I would like to hear, is more details on the teams positions on the protocols before they entered on December 15. Were they aware about the hotels? Did they push back before that date? Also, if this tournament had been held anywhere else in the world, would it still be going on?

  • 1) Had the tournament not been hosted in Canada, would the protocols have been different and is it likely it would not have been cancelled? 2) Did the IIHF really not anticipate multiple positive tests?

  • 1) Were the teams given protocols prior to the tournament regarding negative tests required in order to proceed with games? 2) Did these protocols change & were teams notified of this? 3) Were single rooms for players an option?

  • I’d be interested in your own views on the caliber of leadership from the IIHF this year. They’ve been called out by coaches, players and many other stakeholders in the game recently.  If it’s too thorny of a topic to address, I’d certainly understand as well.  

  • Will this restart in the summer?

  • Do you think the rosters would change much if the WJC was rescheduled for this summer? Would they get younger kids? Would some of the kids that turn pro after the college season opt out?

  • 1) Who were your biggest omissions (healthy players left off their respective country’s roster) 2) How do you like the current format (10 teams, relegation/promotion etc) and would you change it if you were in charge?

  • Top 5 players that you thought stuck out in the limited games?

  • With the limited action we did see, who was your top Goalie, three forwards and two D. Thanks CP, keep up the great content!

  • What do you see the u18s looking like? Would it be a bubble? How likely is it to be canceled?

This is the final episode of 2021. Thanks to everyone who has listened, subscribed, shared the podcast and asked questions. I’m hoping for an even bigger year on this platform in 2022. Can’t wait to get started. Happy New Year to all!

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