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Talking Hockey Sense Episode 38: College UFAs, recruiting, rescheduled WJC and more

Talking Hockey Sense Episode 38: College UFAs, recruiting, rescheduled WJC and more

Celebrating one year of Hockey Sense with another listener Q&A

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As we officially enter Year 2 of Hockey Sense and Talking Hockey Sense, it’s time for another Q&A episode. I got a ton of super insightful and thought-provoking questions that hit a ton of different topics. There should be something in here for everyone that loves following prospects.

There’s a lot of talk in here about college hockey, the rescheduled world juniors, individual prospects and so much more.

Among the highlights that I was able to go a little longer on…

  • Which prospect changed or developed their game the most in recent memory between getting drafted and becoming a full time NHL player?

  • Your thoughts on the WJC How many of the same kids will attend ? And if a kid signs, does he jeopardize getting injured? Who has a chance to make the August WJC USA squad that wasn’t in the Jan team?  At the rescheduled WJC, will Covid protocols be changed so a single positive test doesn’t result in the entire team quarantining and possible forfeit?

  • Would love to know of the top 10 selected in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft last summer, who's stock has risen or fallen this season?

  • Where is Ben Meyers in your top UDFAs? And where his best fit?

  • How close was Logan Cooley to signing with Penn State?

  • My personal favorite Q: Who has the best 2022-23 NCAA recruiting classes for NHL talent and who has the best classes coming in for NCAA success. Bonus question —what’s the big difference between the two?

  • Which current USHL head coaches or college hockey assistants are poised to be impact head coaches at top college programs by the end of this decade?

There’s a ton more questions that hit as well. Hope you’ll check it out and enjoy.

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