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Talking Hockey Sense Episode 8: Marisa Ingemi

Talking Hockey Sense Episode 8: Marisa Ingemi

Talking Women's World Championship and living the freelance life with one of the leading voices in women's hockey; Plus: A look at the 2021 World U18 Men's Championship

Marisa Ingemi has covered so many sports over the years, but she may be best known for her unparalleled coverage of women’s hockey. That’s why I had to get her on the podcast to talk about the biggest news in hockey of the past week, the sudden and shocking cancellation of the 2021 Women’s World Championship weeks before it was supposed to take place in Nova Scotia.

Marisa touches on all angles of the decision, from its impact on women’s hockey, Olympic preparation and the individual players who have already sacrificed so much with no payoff.

In addition to Women’s Worlds, Marisa and I reflect on the year that was in women’s hockey, the good, the bad and the ugly, in what has been a tumultuous time. There was still plenty to celebrate as well, including a lot more women’s professional hockey on TV.

On top of the women’s hockey news, I also asked Marisa to detail her life as a freelance writer. Formerly a Boston Bruins beat writer for the Boston Herald, Marisa suffered the same fate I did during the pandemic as we both lost our dream jobs. We sort through finding the positives of being on our own, with Marisa obtaining bylines everywhere from to to the New York Times as an especially prolific freelance writer.

After the interview, I detail what to watch for at the Men’s World Under-18 Championship, which I am on site to cover for both Hockey Sense and as a color commentator for all games in Frisco for HockeyTV.

I take a look at the field, the players to watch for this year’s draft, the many underagers not eligible until 2022 and 2023 to know and where the top teams stand heading into the tournament.

You can read a full preview of the event here. And if you want to watch the games, check out for more info.

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